Everyone understands that if you fill a dryer all the way full to the top, the clothes will take forever to dry because there is no room left for air flow and it is much more difficult for drying to actually occur.

A Front Load Washer that is completely filled to the top leaves very little room for water and takes away any space for the water to “slosh” and allow for the actual “cleaning” process to occur. In addition,┬áduring the final spin out cycle with the entire space totally taken up by overfilled clothes, the water extraction process of spinning the water out of the clothes is greatly diminished.

Instruction for the washer use is on the machine towards the upper left hand corner. Filling the machine so that 50% of the glass is covered with clothes and the upper 50% showing air space is recommended by the machine’s manufacturer for the best washing possible. When you latch (not slam) the door, please make sure no clothes are stuck in the door. Once the machine is started it cannot be stopped and it will run through it’s cycles, taking approximately 23 minutes total.