Posted open and closing times here or in store are approximate and can change due to weather conditions or the time of year.  Please do not leave your clothes unattended at any time.

The equipment in the Laundry accepts quarters or $1 coins. There are bill changers on site that provide quarters and $1 coins as change.

The Laundromat is an unattended coin laundry. Entry and use of this facility is at your own risk.

If you ever feel threatened or uneasy in any way, please call 911 and ask for assistance.

It is never recommended that you leave your laundry unattended at the Laundromat.

Please follow all loading and operating instruction on the equipment before, during and after use.

No washer should be started any later than 9:30 pm and you need to stay with your clothes inside the store until you are done and ready to head home.  If you are drying clothes, again you need to stay with your clothes until the drying is complete, then allowing enough time to fold and pack your clothes to head home by the 11 pm closing time.  Please respect that 11 PM is considered the Laundry’s “hard” closing time each night, however, know that the laundromat will be closed anytime after 9:30 PM when no one is present in the store (even if your clothes are still there without You).

It is highly recommended that you never leave your laundry unattended.